Interesting things to do in New York City: A Comprehensive Guide

Interesting things to do in New York City: A Comprehensive Guide

New York City, the Big Apple, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis that never sleeps. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this diverse city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, there’s always something new to discover. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a variety of interesting activities and attractions to help you make the most of your time in the city that never sleeps.

Explore Central Park

No visit to New York City would be complete without spending some time in Central Park. This sprawling oasis in the heart of Manhattan offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Take a leisurely stroll along the winding paths, rent a rowboat on the lake, or enjoy a picnic on the Great Lawn. Be sure to visit iconic landmarks such as Bethesda Terrace, Belvedere Castle, and Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon.

Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

For a dose of history and breathtaking views, take a ferry to Liberty Island and visit the Statue of Liberty. A symbol of freedom and democracy, Lady Liberty has welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States since her dedication in 1886. After exploring the statue, hop on another ferry to nearby Ellis Island, where you can learn about the immigrant experience at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Take in the Views from the Top of the Empire State Building

For a bird’s-eye view of the city skyline, head to the top of the Empire State Building. This iconic Art Deco skyscraper offers panoramic views of Manhattan and beyond from its observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors. Visit during the day for stunning views of the cityscape, or come at night to see the glittering lights of the city below.

Explore the Museums of Museum Mile

New York City is home to some of the world’s finest museums, many of which are clustered along Fifth Avenue in an area known as Museum Mile. Spend a day exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, home to an extensive collection of art and artifacts from around the world. Then, head to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to admire its unique spiral architecture and modern art collection. Other highlights along Museum Mile include the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and the Neue Galerie New York.

Wander Through the Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Cross the East River and explore the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, home to diverse neighborhoods, eclectic shops, and world-class dining. Take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge for stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, then explore the historic streets of Brooklyn Heights. Visit the trendy neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Bushwick to discover street art, hip cafes, and artisanal boutiques. Be sure to stop by Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park, for a dose of nature in the city.

Catch a Broadway Show

No visit to New York City would be complete without experiencing the magic of Broadway. From classic musicals to cutting-edge dramas, there’s something for everyone on the Great White Way. Head to Times Square to score discounted tickets at the TKTS booth, or plan ahead and book seats for a must-see show like Hamilton or The Lion King. Don’t forget to explore the theater district’s bustling streets and iconic landmarks before or after the show.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

New York City is a food lover’s paradise, with an endless array of dining options to suit every palate and budget. Sample authentic street food like hot dogs and pretzels from vendors on every corner, or dine at world-renowned restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs. Explore the diverse culinary offerings of neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side, where you’ll find everything from dumplings to deli sandwiches to gourmet cupcakes. Don’t forget to save room for a slice of New York-style pizza, a bagel with lox and cream cheese, or a classic black and white cookie.


From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, New York City offers an endless array of interesting things to see and do. Whether you’re exploring Central Park, taking in the views from the top of the Empire State Building, or indulging in culinary delights, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant metropolis. So pack your bags, hit the streets, and get ready to experience the magic of the Big Apple firsthand.

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